NKCBI International (NKCBI) is a rapidly expanding, award winning, full-service solution for both security and surveillance. NKCBI International serves a vast portfolio of customers, including work in both the public and private sectors. Currently maintaining in excess of 200 accounts, NKCBI and its subsidiary, North Kansas City Bureau of Investigation, are the oldest and largest full-service security company in the Kansas City metropolitan area specializing in security patrol and stationary guard. In addition, NKCBI International specializes in the installation and monitoring of alarm, Closed Circuit Television and controlled access systems.

There is simply no other security company ran like NKCBI International. Even with a 50 percent growth rate over the past four years, our customers still enjoy the benefits of an organization that is family owned and operated. In business for more than 40 years, NKCBI International understands that providing high quality services requires putting the customer's needs first and --it is this principle that has allowed NKCBI International to grow so rapidly. We address each clients needs independently and determine the most effective security option on a case-by-case basis.

NKCBI International's management team has a long history of successful security operations. The Chief Executive Officer, Linda Allen, heads the management team. Her extensive experience includes 22 years of management duties within NKCBI International. Linda is directly supported by Bob Allen. Bob Allen, the operations section chief, has been with the company for 32 years. During this time, Bob has been responsible for managing all aspects of the company as well as assisting Linda with the finance division. Bob has witnessed tremendous growth with NKCBI International; when he started it was a very small organization with a staff of about 10. Since that time, Bob has helped NKCBI International grow into a full-service security company. It was Bob who encouraged the company's expansion into electronic surveillance, which helps in setting NKCBI International apart from its competitors. Bob also engineered the NKCBI International emergency response team, which can rapidly deploy as many as eight guards to a property in response to a security breach or at a client's request. Under Bob's leadership, NKCBI International has developed an extremely competent management structure, which is evidenced by their diverse and expanding number of long-term clients.

At the operational level, the shift supervisors manage daily operations. Most were employed by law enforcement agencies before joining NKCBI International and have undergone NKCBI International's training program to ensure their continued quality performance.

We provide services to clients of every description, on many levels, including: small businesses, large corporations, individual residences, multi-unit apartment complexes, jurisdictions and municipal facilities — from the public sector to the private.

Our practice emphasis is as deep as it is expansive. Over its diverse history, NKCBI International (NKCBI) has performed tasks ranging from operating a municipal-based security company in a police capacity to providing an unarmed security presence. There is a commonality in all our work; however for each of our valued customers we provide security and safety.