The quality of the Guard Force begins with the quality of management. North Kansas City Bureau of Investigation believes that in order to provide a quality guard force, the management team needs to be comprised of qualified individuals who possess excellent critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Though we are staffed with many subject matter experts who are experienced in our operations, we stress a system of checks and balances.

Checks and balances ensure sound judgment, and the more knowledge, skills and abilities the management structure brings to the table, the better results our clients will see. As part of our planning, we ensure direct lines of succession for every position within our management structure. Therefore, our clients can rest assured that regardless of the occurrence, NKCBI will continue the provision of high quality security services.

At North Kansas City Bureau of Investigation, each of our guard force projects requires and receives the strong support and supervision of a qualified and dedicated management team. Every member of this team has a minimum of five years experience in managing private security. It is this team that will be directly responsible for the sustaining a quality guard force.

The Guard Force Commander and/or the Project Manager will do at least one Quality Assurance Inspection every two months and will report these results to headquarters.

The Quality Assurance Inspection, a checklist designed from analyzing typical and statistical shortfalls of guard services, asks the supervisor to answer a series of questions by rating the employee on a scale of one to 10, with one being the lowest and 10 being the highest. A rating of 7-10 is considered excellent and qualifies the employee for specific incentives addressed in the Management Plan. A rating of 4-6 is unacceptable. If an unacceptable rating is noted, employees enter a probationary period to correct any identified issues.

Even though a robust system exists for addressing issues before or as they arise, NKCBI realizes that the client often has observations or knowledge that even the most robust management structure cannot obtain. Therefore, as part of our Customers First strategy, we strive to employ the highest degree of communication between our clients and our project managers.